Owner:Ryan Branstetter
Mileage:93,000 miles
Color:Cirrus Blue over Lotus White

Modifications:AKT Alpha AV-5 & 17" Nitto Extremes, other than the wheels and tires this car is stock.

Owner's Comments:

I've owned E-30's and E-21's, but I've always wanted the BIG coupe.  I saved this car from Chicago winters after finding it on the Internet for $5,000. I bought it sight unseen after viewing pictures, flew to Chicago and drove it 600 miles back to Kansas City.  I'm in the process of completely redoing the car and hope to be finished by the time my lease is up on my current car this April.  This car will be getting repainted, the leather re-dyed, Racing Dynamics front spoiler, M6 rear spoiler and 3 Piece BBS wheels.  Current wheels are for sale.