Owner:Mark Hutchins
Mileage:120,000 Miles
Color:Luxor beige with tan leather interior

Modifications:Pretty much stock except for a K&N, Alpine CD/changer, alarm/keyless entry and stuff like that.  I have an OEM black euro M spoiler on order through Bavarian -should be here in a couple of weeks.  I also plan to fabricate a gauge panel with VDO gauges and mount them in the upper vent as soon as I can get a free weekend.

Owner's Comments:

I'm the 2nd owner and I keep the car in top shape; replacing parts as needed and so forth.  It has been trouble free except for the the lousy A/C.  It has 120k miles (I can't stop driving the thing!).  Among a lot of other reasons, I first bought the car because I thought the chicks would dig it.  Came to find out later that what they really go for are pickups.  Yuk.  Would rather have the bimmer.