Owner:Kenn Mackintosh
Build Date:

Color:Zinnoberrot with Black leather

Factory Equipment:Sport seats

Modifications:Planned stereo upgrade.  Will reuse the custom speaker pods in the back deck lid area, and the ADS 6 channel amp & crossovers.

Owner's Comments:

I have owned several Bimmer's over the past few years after coming over from the "Dark Side" (Porsche) and have always wanted a E24.
I found it off of a search of the internet, and made contact with the owner in L.A.  He was VERY upfront and honest with me, and great to work with. He went out of his way to describe the car, flaws and all in every detail, including sending LOTS of pictures of the car via email, prior to my purchase (you just have to love the internet).  We arrived at what I felt was a very good price, and I flew from the Seattle area down to L.A.  He picked me up in the car and we drove to his office nearby where the deal was done.  I than got in the car and drove it home over the next three days... it never missed a beat!
Working slowly on bringing the area of needs up to a good level.  Did smell gas at times, only to find when we pulled the old stereo out that the installer had put a screw into one of the gas recovery lines in the trunk... oh well. Love the support of the BCG, and am loving every second with this wonderful and timeless classic!