Owner:Chris Morgan
Mileage:221,203 miles (as of mid August)
Color:Schwarz (black) over Lotus weiss (white)

Modifications:Short-shift kit
Adjustable sway bar links
Aftermarket Upper Control Arm bushings
17" Wheels (and yes the tires too)
Clear Turn Signal Lenses (feel free to ask)
No Muffler (very loud at 1500-2500 RPM)
The New Do-It-Yourself, No-Drain Freon A/C fan box

Owner's Comments:

WOW, what a car.  I smile every time I see it or another like it.

But now to go off on the previous owner....  I don't mind the miles you put on this car, but your lack of care for its precious white leather interior and leaving an open hot wire in the back of the radio I will never forgive you for.  At least I could fix the dead short, but the leather and dash is too far gone...  (good thing the front seats are still as soft as a baby's butt, or I might be up on murder charges)