Owner:Aric Streeter
Mileage:108,000 miles
Build Date:January 1985
Color:Alpine White with black leather Recaro Sport interior

- 4.10 LSD out of an E30 M3 - cheap torque!
- New brake rotors front and rear
- Stainless steel brake lines
- K&N filter for track use
- 7450iL thrust bushings and front / rear
  suspension freshen
- MM short shift kit
- M-Contour (E36 M3 type) 17X8.5 and 17X10
  wheels from Bekkers with 245 45ZR17
  and 275 40ZR17 Dunlop SP8000's

- Fahey hardened crank hub
- Dual valve spring upgrade
- US spec tensioner and timing chain, guides
- Custom SS exhaust (Rob Levinson UUC)
- Multi-use road and track suspension setup, probably Dinan
- Leather refinishing, Surflex, dye, the whole bit

Owner's Comments:

Bought the car from an auto broker in Knoxville, Tennessee two and a half years ago.  Seems the previous owner was having some finacial difficulties and sold the car after having it in his collection since 1986 after being imported to the US.  After tracking the previous owner all the way in Nashville to obtain some history and receipts on the car, I found out that the bank had just forclosed on his investment consultant business and he was no where to be found.  Bummer for me, but since then I've tracked down all the EPA/DOT papers (through Al Sutlick's contacts) and made a good history of good maintentance and (I think) tasteful modifications.